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In this activity you will discover TEAM CPR: the seven essential components of a winning implementation.

Create Infrastructure to Support Implementation 

Before taking the actions you’ve decided on, what can you do to take the greatest advantage of your shared resources? How can you plan ahead to prevent some problems that might slow you down? 
  • Plan for any cultural adaptations that will help programs work in different parts of your community.
  • Consider refining current policies or creating new ones on such issues as referral processes, information sharing, or budgeting, if these changes will help partners to collaborate more efficiently.
  • Develop your evaluation strategy fully, so that at every stage you will be collecting the information needed to measure the outcomes of your efforts. You may want to engage an outside evaluator to design and guide this process.
  • Be on the lookout for action steps that can help keep programs in place for the long term.
The “Create Infrastructure” (“TEAM CPR”) activity will help you to include each of these aspects in your plan.