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A well-designed plan is the roadmap to the outcomes your partnership is determined to achieve. Whether your group’s goal is to implement programs, promote policies, or improve systems, careful groundwork at this stage will help you position your plan for success: 
  • With “Find Out What’s Really Happening,” you’ll start to draw on the contacts and experience of your team, as each partner contributes part of the data you all need. Together, you will become fully informed about the context of your work and establish an accurate baseline for your efforts.
  • The “Create Your Plan” exercise will introduce you to seven essential aspects of designing a strong and logical plan to guide your work and keep you on track. 
  • The “Create Infrastructure” (“TEAM CPR”) activity will help you to plan ahead to prevent problems that might slow you down and allow you to take advantage of your shared resources.

Bold Step 2 will help your team create a plan that engages key community decision-makers and leaders and builds commitment among them as you put your plan into action.