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Implement Your Plan

Putting your plan into action will involve nitty-gritty details like maintaining program management and oversight, providing administrative support, and offering ongoing training for program staff.
This is also the time to monitor each strategy as it is implemented, assessing how it functions in practice. Does it work as you had hoped? Or is there some factor you didn’t anticipate that is having an unwanted effect? The information you collect will fall into two categories:
  1. Process Data—For example: How many students participated in an activity? How many staff received training? How often were the activities implemented as intended (also called “with fidelity”)? Analyze process measures like these to see where you may need to strengthen implementation.
  2. Outcome Data—data based on the measures your partnership established—For example: Have truancy rates dropped? Are more students being referred to community mental health providers? Is the number of violent incidents in schools on the decline? Use this information on common outcomes to help you see which actions are providing the most benefit to community members. 
These fact-based insights will allow you to make the best collective decisions about which programs to keep in place or expand, and which to refine or eliminate.

Teacher instructs group of students in circle